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Hero Complex creates content for kids. 

Check out our projects to see what we're working on!


We make kids podcasts and family friendly shows designed by our Emmy® nominated team. Click on our selection of free podcasts for kids below! 


Goosebumps meets funnybone in this intriguing (not too scary) anthology series of astounding tales for kids. Ready for bedtime or anytime, just keep the Night Light on!

Night Light Zone

Nonsensical Show


A sketch comedy series for kids with countless hilarious stories about stuff related to growing up and family life. With sketches about everything from a lazy superhero family who refuses to use their powers to do their chores, to a soft family room couch who always tries to eat the people living in the house. If you feel like these things are totally nonsensical, then you've come to the right show!

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Kids Of The Future


In this family created comedy by Emmy nominated screenwriter & actor Rob Tinkler & his kids (Snoopy In Space, Cyberchase, Cat In The Hat Knows a Lot About That), 2 children come from the future to visit their lazy and flawed future father to try and “fix” all of his faults before they are born!

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Anchor 2

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Imagination Meditation


A short and sweet podcast for kids that is designed to introduce them to meditation and encourages imagination through animal visualization.

8 Tiny Reindeer

In the not too distant future, Santa Claus has automated his whole toy delivery system, having replaced his all his reindeer with high-tech drones. But when an evil tech baron shuts down Santa's operation in order to cancel Xmas, Santa must now find his missing 8 Tiny Reindeer to help him deliver on Xmas Eve! 

Podcast now being published as a graphic novel with Kids Can Press!

Mammoth Adventure


When a troubled young girl gets lost in an isolated forest, she discovers a living baby mammoth. By caring for this miraculous young orphan, she comes to better understand the difficulties that she's been having with her own family. 

Anchor 3 Mammoth

Rescue Pets


Adorably scruffy, previously "rescued pets" have decided to pay it forward by becoming a team of "pet rescuers" who jump into hilariously perilous situations that always requires them to be rescued themselves. 

Anchor 4 Rescue Pets

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